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Retrofit Jigger

Upgrade package for Jigger with mechanical gear-box

We can convert your Jigger to the latest electronic geared motor drives. As a result, costs for machine maintenance and down-time will be significantly reduced, allowing you to spend money on other important machine investments. Additionally, special functions are now integrated in the Sedomat controller which were only available on the latest state-of-the-art jiggers. Fabric tension as well as fabric speed can be controlled.


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  • Control of fabric tension and speed
  • Heating of bath
  • Hood heating
  • Filling machine to level
  • Filling side tank
  • Dosing
    • Initial dosing in bath (e.g. 30%)
    • Continuous additional dosing via programmable number of passages
  • Loading
    • Maximum tension is controlled (tension is set at the unwinding A-frame)
    • Constant speed while loading
  • Sampling always at the same location
  • Variable balancing time between the passages (achieve constant dyeing time for different cloth lengths
  • Overflow rinsing with controlled water quantity (option)
  • Liquor circulation control with frequency inverter (option)


  • No mechanical gear maintenance required, which results in saving several 1,000’s Euro overhaul costs per year and avoiding of lost production

  • Reduced energy consumption by DC link coupling (brake energy is converted into drive energy)

  • No extra fabric tension sensor within the machine which could be damaged by aggressive ambient conditions

  • Length registration (without revolving roll)

  • The Sedomat shows

    • Machine visualization
    • Temperature, dosing, etc.
    • Consumption of power, energy, water (when flow meter connected)
    • Length of fabric
  • Integration with SedoMaster/ColorMaster enables planning, statistical reports and further process optimization

Upgrade package

  • 2 AC motors for roller drive with integrated gear, incremental transducer and drip cover
  • Roller bearing
  • Mounting plate with height adjustment for roller bearing and gear/motor block
  • Panel with
    • 2 frequency inverter with DC link coupling: brake energy is converted into drive energy
    • Sedomat 5500 with internal IEC1131 PLC, Profibus DP and I/O’s
    • Operator control box for loading, unloading, sampling, forward/backward motion, open hood
    • Pneumatic
    • Complete electronics for all functions




  • Second operator control box for two-sided loading
  • Flow meter for overflow rinsing
  • Frequency inverter for liquor circulation
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