Sedo Treepoint products

The core of the dyeing and finishing industry

Sedo Treepoint products inlcude complete solutions for the textile and especially textile finishing industry. Our product range extends from machine automation to plant automation. One of our key factors is, that all products work together seamlessly.

Sedomat controllers and SedoMaster, the powerful manufacturing execution systems (MES) are the core for the dyeing and finishing industry.

The perfect coordination of hard- and software leads to a significant increase in performance and quality, resulting in a considerable competitive advantage for all our customers.

Latest product innovations and updates

Sedo SmartBracelet

Sedo SmartBracelet is an intelligent tool for immediate operator notification. The wearable device communicates with the machines of the shopfloor via SedoMaster and data units. It receives important operator calls, preparation calls as well as alarms and informs the operator immediately. With vibration, the bracelet can even be noticed in noisy environments. This results in faster reaction times, minimized machine downtimes and increased machine and operator efficiency.

SedoMaster – New release

Some of the new features:

  • Support of new Sedomat 6000/8000 series
  • Support of latest operation system
  • Connection to Sedo SmartBracelet
  • Latest fully flexible reporting

Production Planning System – TMS

Expert software for automatic planning of production orders

Textile Manufacturing Simulation (TMS) is a shop floor planning tool with interfaces to ERP and MES systems. It is developed to create the most efficient production schedule for all active production orders (SFO’s).