Energy monitoring: reduce carbon footprint – save costs

Today, in textile finishing, beside material and labor costs, energy costs are normally the third important cost factor. For controlling and post production analysis it is difficult to calculate the exact energy cost for a production step or an article. A sudden increase in energy consumption of a production run can push an order easily into the red.

With ever rising energy prices and increasing environmental legislation, efficient energy management has become a very critical success factor to run a profitable business in today’s global economy. To monitor, control and cut costs, EnergyMaster is the perfect tool.

Following the principle of Monitoring and Targeting (M&T), it maps the different energy consumptions (electricity, gas, compressed air, water, steam, effluent, CO2 emission) for further analysis and optimization. The integration of these energy parameters with the production data of SedoMaster provides a perfect insight into the relationship between energy consumption and production.


Reporting of energy costs

Step 1: Measure your energy consumption

By monitoring the energy consumption you get answers on important questions, like:

  • Which machine or department are the largest energy users?
  • What is causing our peak consumption?
  • What about the power factor (cos phi) of our company?
  • What about the energy consumption fluctuation of a machine or department over time?
  • What is the energy consumption by style and product?
  • What is the remaining energy consumption when production is shot down?
  • What abnormal consumptions occur and when?

Step 2: Control and target your energy consumption

The EnergyMaster system comes with a set of predefined reports, such as:

  • Counter reports
  • Consumer reports
  • History reports
  • Combinations reports
  • Energy monitoring reports
  • Performance Characteristic Line (PCL)
  • Specific Energy Consumption (SEC)
  • Cumulative Sum of deviations (CUSUM)


EnergyMaster adds monitoring of the really important factor “Energy” to Sedo Treepoint MES-systems. By using the existing data collections, the investment costs for implementation can be kept at a minimum, while the monthly energy savings with EnergyMaster can be significant. EnergyMaster is the ideal software for analyzing energy consumption and provides decision support for energy saving actions. By defining an energy efficiency plan with clear goals, significant energy savings can be realized quickly. EnergyMaster is the right tool, to meet government regulations for carbon reduction, environmental legislation and last bot not least, it will help to protect our environment in a sustainable way.

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Relate Energy and Production data

Link energy data and production data to really understand where your energy flows to and how you can improve.

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