First exhibitions in 2022 let us meet our customers in person again

After our participation at ITM in Istanbul, Techtextil in Frankfurt and KNIT-TECH in Tiruppur, we are happy to once again strengthen our personal customer relations.

This successful re-starts on trade fairs makes us very happy and satisfied. We have all waited so long for these days and the best thing, as most participants can surely confirm, was to meet customers, partners, and friends in person again.

Our visitors were very interested in our Smart Factory solutions which are playing an increasingly important role. Our Sedomat 6000 / 8000 series is designed to control and monitor of all types of dyeing and finishing machines. Additional software solutions are optimally adapted to the needs of a dyeing or finishing plant. The systems communicate with each other and support the optimal use of resources from order to delivery.

Especially our EnergyMaster attracted a lot of interest, as energy is one of the most important factors today. Efficient energy management is a very critical success factor in running a profitable business. Our system helps with monitoring and targeting of all energy consumers in a factory for further analysis and optimization.

Information on all our products can be found on our website, which now has a new design and updated content:

“Thank you” to all visitors, organizers and our team which was always busy and did an excellent job on the events!

We look forward to all upcoming events and would enjoy meeting you soon.