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We will again present our latest innovations at ITMA ASIA 2021 in Shanghai

Vandewiele has reached an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of Savio Group

This also includes Sedo Treepoint GmbH.


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Vietnam Saigon Textile & Garment Industry Expo


Saigon Exhibition & Convention Centre (SECC)

April 06. - 09., 2022


The 21th China International Dye Industry, Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition


National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC)

May 31. - June 02., 2022

ITM 2022

35th International Textile Machinery Exhibition


Tüyap Fair, Convention and Congress Center Büyükçekmece

June 14. - 18., 2022

Phased out models

This devices can not be delivered anymore. If possible, we can repair this devices.

Sedomat 2600

Sedomat 2600

(Successor: see actual products Sedomat 2600+)

Market introduction: 2011

Flexible touch screen controller with modular I/O

Dye process control has never been easier than with the compact Sedomat 2600. This instrument combines a big 8.4” color touch screen interface with internet technology, USB connectivity, and many other cutting edge features.

Sedomat 1800

Sedomat 1800 

(Successor: see actual products Sedomat 1800+)

Market introduction: 2007

Cost-effective touch screen controller with internal I/O

Looking for a cost effective solution for a high degree of automation on your machines? Then the Sedomat 1800 is the right product for you!

Offering state-of-the-art developments such as user friendly color touchscreen interface, internet technology, USB connectivity and many othercutting edge features.

Sedomat 5500

(Successor: see actual products Sedomat 5500+)

Market introduction: 2006

Advanced touch screen controller with modular I/O

The Sedomat 5500 is the most powerful instrument in the Sedomat controller family. With a large and easy to use touch screen the Sedomat 5500 offers high performance ideally suited for the automation of complex dyeing machines. Active parallel functions are virtually unlimited, reducing process time through optimized control of machine parts such as tanks and dosing stations.

Sedomat 2500

Sedomat 2500

(Successor: see actual products Sedomat 2500+)

Market introduction: 2004

Compact touch screen controller with modular I/O

Dye process control has never been easier than with the compact Sedomat 2500. This instrument combines a friendly color touch screen interface with internet technology, USB connectivity, and many other cutting edge features.

Sedomat 5000

Sedomat 5000

Market introduction: 1999

Textile finishing automation - PLC integrated

The SEDOMAT 5000 is the cost effective solution for complete control and visualization of all types of textile dyeing and finishing machines. The active color display shows a windows user interface that requires little training.

The SEDOMAT 5000’s powerful "open concept" with internal PLC, Profibus DP field bus and remote input/output allows connectivity with most available peripherals. This future oriented concept enables a modular approach to machine automation.

The SEDOMAT 5000 can easily be integrated into a total CIM-concept.

Sedomat 600

Sedomat 600

Market introduction: 1997

Low cost controller- for semi-automatic dyeing machines

The SEDOMAT 600 is a cost effective time/temperature controller ideally suited for the automation of semi-automatic machines. As direct successor of the highly successful PC 1000/1001 time/temperature controllers, the SEDOMAT 600 offers many additional benefits. Fully backward compatible, the SEDOMAT 600 is language independent. The user is guided by a graphical menu. During the dyeing process, the time/temperature curve, all process relevant parameters and alarm conditions are displayed graphically.

Beacon 141 - 121

Market introduction: 1996

Multi-Function Programmer / Controller

Suitable for all types of dyeing machine these controllers offer true multi-tasking capability. The 121 allows on-board storage of 99 programs each of up to 99 steps. The 141 extends this capability with up to 500 programs.

Each step is a part process, which can be a temperature control function, a ‘programmed’ function (for example ‘fill’), or a command to the operator (for example ‘add chemicals’).
The 141 offers a larger display than the 121 and has the ability to offer up to 64 digital inputs and outputs together with 16 analogue functions and 12 temperature inputs.

Both controllers connect readily to the Beacon 2800 supervisory system and now also to the latest Sedomaster which will communicate with both Sedo and Beacon equipment simultaneously.

Sedomat 3500

Market introduction: 1996

Automates all textile finishing machines

The SEDOMAT 3500 is a machine controller of the latest generation, developed for the automation of textile dyeing and finishing machines of all types. The graphical dialogue in windows format offers a simple, intuitive user interface. SEDOMAT 3500 is developed continuously with regular input from our customers. Its open concept enables a virtually unlimited range of applications. The connection of a dye kitchen for the automatic preparation of dyestuff and chemicals is also possible. Parallel execution of two batches increases productivity: while the current batch still runs, the next batch is pre-prepared. SEDOMAT 3500 is part of a total CIM concept.


Market introduction: 1995

Comeureg dye machine controller

Integrated into Sedo Treepoint dye house systems

Beacon 101 - 111 - 111E

Market introduction: 1995

Multi Function Controller

The entry level 101 provides precise control of time, temperature and rate of rise together with flow reversals.

Cost effective, easy to install and simple to operate, the 101 is the perfect solution when only time and temperature are involved.

Ideal as a replacement for obsolete temperature controllers, or as an economic option where no temperature control is currently provided, the 101 enjoys a proven track record on laboratory and simple production machines throughout the world.

The 111 builds on these features by offering 3 further user programmable functions. The unit is menu-driven, needs no experience to operate and offers full diagnostics, with all alarm functions displayed in clear text.

Sedomat 1500

Sedomat 1500

Market introduction: 1995

Low cost controller for full automatic dyeing machines

The SEDOMAT 1500 is a new advanced development, based on our PC 1000/1001 controller, which became a world-wide standard for time/temperature control. Powerful features such as an integrated PLC, 10 dosing curves, pH-control, seam detection, etc. extend the well-known program functions of the PC1000/1001 controllers.

The operation of the SEDOMAT 1500 is language independent. The user is guided by a graphical menu. During the dyeing process, the time/temperature curve, all process relevant parameters and alarm conditions are displayed graphically.

Sedomat 4000

Market introduction: 1992

The elite within controllers with color display

The grapic screen of the Sedomat 4000 allows for the display of the machine synoptical diagram, with temperatures, liquor levels, valve status, etc... The graphics have zoom capabilities to allow users to examine in detail actual versus therotical plats for time versus temperature, dosing curves, machine graphics, etc...

Sedomat 2000

Market introduction: 1992

Modular universal machine controller


The SEDOMAT 2000 is a fully automatic controller, which can be used for all kinds of dyeing machines such as Jet, Jigger, yarn dyeing machine, winch, etc. The modular concept with internal or external PLC and the flexible number of inputs and outputs provide a range of alternatives suitable for all types of machines. Via DYENET, the SEDOMAT 2000 and all it’s peripherals (machine PLC, dye kitchen PLC, external display) are connected to a network. The SEDOMAT 2000 is a versatile controller which can be configured to the needs of all applications. The user interface is available in most common languages.



Market introduction: 1989

Process controller for textile dyeing machines


Market introduction: 1988

External Display for PC3100





Market introduction: 1987

Dosing controller

PC 3100

Market introduction: 1987

Full automatic controller for textile dyeing machines

Controls and supervises from low level machines up to complex machines. Can be delivered with integrated or external PLC (PLC50, PLC50A, PLC200).


Market introduction: 1987

PLC family with Dye-Net communication.



PC1000 - PC1001

Market introduction: 1981-1987

The best-selling controller for dye machines


Market introduction: 1982

Time/temparature controller for simple machines and laboratory machines

PC 3000

Market introduction: 1980

Automatic micro processor controller for textile dyeing machines